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Con un annuncio ufficiale, sul forum dedicato a bitcoin, la società Mycelium Holding LTD che si è occupata e si occupa tuttora dello sviluppo del software Mycelium (un famoso client bitcoin per smartphone Android) informa che è in vendita del 5% dell’azienda. La vendita partirà il 1 maggio 2016 e per i primi partecipanti ci sarà uno sconto del 10%.

Trovo l’iniziativa molto interessate non solo perchè fino ad oggi il client Mycelium si è dimostrato solido e privo di imperfezioni ma anche perchè in concomitanza il team presenterà un aggiornamento molto pesante che cambierà drasticamente(in positivo) il programma aggiungendo nuove caratteristiche uniche:

1] Fiat accounts: fully-fledged, blockchain based.
2] Inexpensive remittance: most popular corridors.
3] Debit cards. Wallet – linked and in-wallet-issued.
4] Personal finance: convenient handling of bills and invoices.
5] Investments: efficient portfolios and hedging.
6] Escrow-protected business transactions and bets.
7] Crypto assets creation and exchange.

L’offerta in dettaglio:

  • Our Offer
    You get the share of Mycelium and the right to receive money whenever Mycelium gets more expensive. Let’s suppose that this time, with this crowdsale, it will be valued at 100 million USD. Imagine that when we sell another portion one year later it will be valued at 1 billion USD. So you will get 900 million USD multiplied by your portion (if you are the owner of 5% you will get 5% of 900 million = 45 million). Your initial investment stays with you: you keep owning this right and it is non-dilutable. The next 20% we sell will be dilutable.

    Your portion is how much you invest divided by how much all participants invest altogether (during this round). And multiplied by 5% (that is the total share being sold). You guys all together will get 5%. No matter what.

    This round of the crowdsale is the first one in Mycelium’s history. The round is open from May 1st to May 18th. You can register early until May 1st and get a 10% discount (you pay 1BTC, we calculate it as 1.1BTC).

    You are free to resell, gift, pledge your rights the way you want. In about a month you will be able to control your share of Mycelium right in Mycelium Wallet

    Legal: SARs
    ‘Mycelium’ refers to the Mycelium Wallet project alone. We are not selling our other projects now. The legal form is called ‘Stocks Appreciating Rights’. You can keep those SARs in the form of Mycelium Tokens or potentially convert them later into class B shares of Mycelium SIA (this will require de-anonymisation of the Mycelium Token owner).

    Token: Colu colored BTC
    To make the rights secure and convenient, we created them in the form of digital blockchain based tokens (colored coins issued using the protocol over regular Bitcoin blockchain). Each token incorporates the information about the contract terms.

    Token owners can either sell them on the open market at any moment or redeem to us if conditions are met. The latter can be done in a number of events such as an IPO and issuance of new shares; a capital increase; a sale, merger, or acquisition of the entire company. Or you can later convert SARs to class B shares and receive dividends or sell shares.

    The offer refers to the Mycelium Wallet project only. There will be no refunds. Token is not a security, is not listed, authorized, issued or traded on any regulated market. We do not guarantee that the value of tokens will increase.

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